Everything you need to keep your baby and kids warm this winter

Oh me oh my! It’s chilly in Minnesota today! Are you ready for this cold weather? Here are my list of faves for myself and for my kids to keep them warm and cozy!

Gloves for kids

Mittens for kids

These mittens have so many cute options for both boys and girls! Be sure to check out all of the cute patterns. They fit my son really well and he can still grab things and play while wearing them. They’re perfect for later fall, winter and spring. Again, I love that these mittens are a little bit different so they stand out and it’s less likely for another kid to accidentally take them home because they look exactly like everyone’s mittens.

Winter coat for boys

These Nike coats/jackets are really cute and warm. They’re still really warm but not overly thick like some winter jackets can be. You can pretty much get these from toddlers and on so it’s a go to winter

Winter coats/jackets for girls

I love these reversible jackets that are fleece on one side and water resistant on the other side. It’s very versatile and warm. Plus, they have cute colors and patterns for girls and boys from size 3-6 months through 4T. It’s also not overly thick but just as warm! If buying it new is too much for you to spend, check out used online prices. You get these used and still in great shape!

Winter hat

This winter hat is so cute and cozy with soft fleece inside that will keep your little honey warm! My son doesn’t like scratchy hats so this one is a winner! You can check out the other designs and colors.

Snow pants

These are great snow pants that come in a lot of different colors and sizes. I’m partial to snow pant bibs because if the kids get a little bit warm while they’re playing outside then they can take off their coat and still have a lot of coverage to keep them dry…or at least dryer;)

Winter boots

Hands down my favorite winter boots for kids are Bogs. They are also perfect as rain boots too so kids can wear them in fall, winter and spring. They are a little bit expensive, but you can find them used online for little bit cheaper. They also maintain their value if you want to resell them after your child outgrows them. Since we have a long winter, these are one of the things that I am spending a little bit more on. It’s important to keep their feet warm and dry while they’re outside. These are comfort rated to -4 degrees which is pretty helpful with cold Minnesota winters. There are so many cute designs and colors that you can check out.

A slightly cheaper options of winter boots

These boots are slightly cheaper than the Bogs but are still well made and warm. It comes in a few different colors and patterns for both boys and girls.

Warm winter socks to wear in boots

Smartwool socks are the best for keeping toes warm while you’re outside for recess or doing outdoor sports like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, hockey, snowshoeing, sledding and more! They are have different colors and designs and are so warm!

Warm winter socks for babies and toddlers

You will freak out at how adorable these tiny socks are! They come in different colors and designs and are SO warm for tiny feet. They’re available in baby and toddler sizes and are so great!

Fleece baby booties

These are seriously a must! They actually stay on your baby’s feet even when they’re trying really hard to take them off! They’re so soft and warm. They make them with and without grips on the bottom. You don’t need the grips before they start walking, but they’re so perfect for when they first start walking with the grips on the bottom of the booties.

My fave rain pants for spring

Have you ever heard of rain pants? They’re amazing! In the spring when the snow is melting but there’s still enough snow to go sledding or ice skating, rain pants can be worn alone or underneath snow pants to act as an extra barrier so the kid’s clothes don’t get soaked. In my opinion, a MUST HAVE for kids.

Baby hat and mittens

Little hats and mittens like this are perfect for babies and toddlers when they’re little. They’re sherpa lined warm fleece to keep little hands cozy!

Mitten clips

Do your kids take off their mittens like mine? These clips are perfect for keeping mittens attached to their coats so they don’t lose them. They’re also nice because sometimes little hands are cold at first, but then they get warm after moving around for a bit so the mittens stay attached to their coats but they are easy to put on or off.

Full body snowsuit for 0-12 months

These are the same snowsuits I used for my kids when they were babies and they are so soft inside and out. My kids stayed so warm and cozy if we went outside and they were in the stroller or if I was using a baby carrier with them inside of it. These are considered as too thick for using while they’re in their carseat, but it’s great for everything else!

Baby hooded sweater jacket with sherpa lining

These sherpa lined hooded sweater jackets are the best and they run from sizes 0-24 months so I pretty much just kept buying this as long as I could. It’s nice to use in the carseat with a blanket over their legs. My kids would get too hot if I used a full bodysuit with them in their carseat.

Car seat cover, winter resistant stroller and baby carrier cover

This is the car seat cover that I used and I love it! It’s very soft and warm. It really helped my kids to stay warm when I had to go and out of buildings. It’s also really nice when you’re going for a walk or running errands and taking your baby in and out of the car.

Jersey cotton quilted blanket, warm and breathable

This is the perfect blanket. It is warm but breathable. It’s very soft and comes in adorable colors and patterns. I use blankets like these in the carseat, stroller, if it’s a little chilly in our house or if they’re in the baby swing.

Sleepsack swaddle

Halo sleep sacks are hands down my favorite. There are so many different kinds of sleep sacks that you can choose from, but Halo was always my favorite. The fleece sleep sacks are so warm in the winter and the lighter cotton sleep sacks are perfect for warmer weather. This was a MUST for me and both of my kids slept so much better with them on.

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