10 Must-Haves to Help You Survive a Flight with Little Kids

Flying with kids can be rough. Add COVID to the mix and it gets really special. We’re about to take our first flight since the start of COVID. I was already a little grossed out by airplanes before so now I’m bringing some things along to do what I can to have a nice little barrier between us and those germs. Per usual, I did my nerdy research to see what types of things would make this a successful trip. Here they are…

Seat covers with arm rest covers (Pack of 2)
Surprisingly not all of the seat covers you can get have arm rests. You can wash these covers in a washing machine so you can use them on the way home too. They can be used multiple times.

Disposable Airplane Tray Table Cover (Pack of 6)
These unfortunately are disposable and it doesn’t say anything about reusing them. Of course you can sanitize the surface, but both of my kids eat directly off the tray. When they were babies I’m pretty sure they even licked the tray. So gross! The extra barrier is a win for me.

Kids travel tray for the airplane or car
I’m excited about this one and I think it’s going to be a game changer. There’s a place to hold the tablet in place, a water bottle holder, a surface to play with toys or color. It also is another great barrier between the kids and the germy tray table. I personally want to use both the tray cover and this for extra protection. I don’t think this will completely cover the travel tray so I’m going to use both. This will be great for road trips too so it is versatile. It can be folded up and worn on the shoulder. It comes in BLACK, PINK or GRAY!

Melissa & Doug Reusable Puffy Sticker Wild Adventures Play Set (Safari, Dinosaur, Ocean)
I love that they use reusable stickers with 3 different scenes. It can be reused many times for road trips or airpane trips!

Melissa & Doug Puffy Sticker Activity Books Set (Dress-Up, Princess, Mermaid)
I had to include this one too! I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter’s face when she sees these! Adorable. reusable stickers with 3 different scenes. It can be reused many times for road trips or airplane trips!

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Reusable Color with Water Travel Toy Activity Pad with Chunky Water Pen 3-Pack (Dinosaurs, Adventure, Space)
This is again reusable for lots of play! It looks like magic because it goes from a black and white pictures to a colorful picture when it gets wet. Very cool and a kid favorite. There are tons of different ones you can choose. I chose this one because I thought they were themes that both of my kids would like.

WikkiStix Wax Sticks
If you haven’t yet been introduced to the WikkiStix, then go ahead and snatch some of these up. They keep kids busy for a long time and they are very versatile. They are great for fidgeting with or you can build things with them or create an art piece.

Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toys
For some reason popping these bubbles is very satisfying and they are hugely popular with kids especially. I think grownups probably like them too;) A great thing to use when you’re sitting and waiting and need a fidget toy. I like this one because you can hook it to the outside of a backpack or bag if you run out of room.

Face Masks for Young School Age Kids (Pack of 4)
These face masks are amazing! My kindergartener doesn’t want to wear any of the other masks that we have. Since he has to wear a mask all day at school, these are a must. They are a little bit big for a preschool kid, but they are perfect for my kindergartener and I would guess will fit him for awhile. Machine washable and line dry. They dry really quickly even with line drying though!

Face Masks for Preschool Kids
These were a tiny bit big for my daughter when she was a brand new 2 year old, but it fits her perfectly as a 3 year old. It’s one of the only masks that I have found that fit her tiny face so well. Definitely recommend. They come in pink or in other colors too.

*Amazon compensates me a little bit if you purchase these products through the links. If you’re going to buy it anyways, I would appreciate the support through these links:) 

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