6 patio furniture/decor ideas to upgrade your patio or deck

We moved into our house one year ago. Last summer, I was just trying to survive COVID and unpack all of our boxes. This summer, I finally got around to working on the function and appearance of our deck and patio. I will share with you the things that I added that I LOVE!!! Remember, if you buy now you might get some AMAZING end of the season patio deals!

Britanna Patio Hanging Egg Chair – Natural – Opalhouse™

This is hands down my favorite thing that I added to my backyard. I was drooling over this egg chair last summer, and then I asked my husband if I could buy them. We negotiated that I could get it, but that it would be my anniversary present. Well….thank you very much and it was a very happy anniversary indeed with these gorgeous and comfortable egg chairs to relax and enjoy!!! The only negative for me is that some of the bamboo that winds around the metal frame is flimsy. As a whole, I think it’s well built and sturdy, but the quality of the part that winds around the frame doesn’t seem as high quality as the rest of it. For me, it is still 100% worth it. You can decide for yourself if that bothers you.

Pop-up Gazebo Tent for deck or patio with mosquito netting

I’m also a REALLY big fan of this recent purchase! It’s very reasonably priced. It offers great protection from the sun on hot days. At night when the mosquitos are out, you can just zip up the mosquito netting and you have your own outside oasis without having to worry about getting bitten every 5 seconds! Or if you’re really ready to splurge on the ultimate gazebo, feast your eyes on this beauty:

My dream gazebo-a bit of a splurge

Are you ready to invest in the best gazebo ever? This is my dream gazebo that I want to buy someday, but my husband wasn’t quite ready to agree to yet. This one can stay outside so you don’t have to put it away during the winter and it can withstand snow built up on it. You can also adjust the amount of sunlight that you want to let it if you would prefer to have more sun one day and less sun another day. It also comes with mosquito netting and curtains too. You can use the netting and curtains or both or pull them back or take them off completely if you’d prefer. Can’t you just imagine a hot tub inside? And it’s so nice you can open or close the curtains depending on the amount of privacy you want.

Cute and inexpensive outdoor furniture patio set

This set is cute, inexpensive and exactly what I needed. Since we have a shorter patio season, I wasn’t wanting to spend very much on a patio set. I still wanted a place where we could sit and have a chat and entertain. This one is exactly what I wanted. It looks nice. The cushions are admittedly not very thick so it’s not incredibly cushy like my egg chairs, but I still love them and would buy them again. We have used them a lot.

Outdoor patio dining table

This outdoor dining table is perfect for the deck or patio. I like table that can seat 6 people. I think that’s the perfect size so we can entertain a few extra people. This one is reasonably priced, has my required umbrella hole so you can have shade when you want it, and is very nice looking!

Solar powered string lights for the patio or deck

I unfortunately didn’t order solar powered string lights, but I wish I had. It’s really annoying to try to get the lights to reach a power outlet. Do yourself a favor and get solar powered string lights. They you don’t have to worry about trying to get to the outlet, and the lights will automatically turn on when it starts getting dark on. I love the effect the lights have at night. They immediately create a magic ambiance. Definitely a must for a cute deck or patio vibe!

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