My fave Prime Day Deals! Hurry…today is the last day:)

Echo Dot for Kids with Parental Controls

I just bought this for my son for his birthday and he loves it and so do I! He kept stealing my Alexa from the kitchen so he requested his own for his room. This also comes with one year of Amazon Kids+, which includes shows and audible books for kids to listen to. It has parental controls and automatically edits what the kids will listen to so it’s appropriate for little ears! Definitely recommend this!

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

If you’re in the market for a tablet for your kids, this one is perfect! I love the case that is kid-proof that it comes with. I have seen it thrown multiple times and the tablet survived! Now is the time to buy it when it’s such a great deal!

Kindle Paperwhite Ereader

Umm…I really love this one and WOW is that a great deal!!! I love using my Kindle Paperwhite because you don’t get interrupted while you’re reading like you do if you’re reading on the app on your phone. It’s waterproof and SO light! I love to read and I love how this saves clutter in my house from all of those books that would be piling up. Plus, if you go on vacation, you can have all of your books in one place.

Radio Flyer Balance Bike

Have you heard of balance bikes? They are awesome! When I was a preschool teacher, the kids would always use these and many parents commented that their kids started riding their bikes with 2 wheels so early! They are so fun and my kids both have used balance bikes too! This is a great deal on a high-quality option!

Singing/Karaoke Mic Bluetooth Machine

My son got this as a present and both of my kids love it! My daughter has had some epic diva singing moments using this as she belts out Frozen songs;) Very fun for hanging out and singing songs together!

Radio Flyers Bounce House

This bounce house is amazing for keeping kids entertained! We gave our kids a bounce house for Christmas last year. It was SO great during the long Minnesota winters, but can used outside when it’s nice out too. We have used it when friends and family come over and for parties! It pays for itself so quickly. This is a great deal!

Kids backpacks with lunchboxes

This backpack is so cute and a great deal with a lunchbox. Check out all the good deals on backpacks and take advantage of the Prime Day deals for school supplies.

Instant Pot

It’s no Prime Day list without the Instant Pot. I have an Instant Pot and it’s a favorite for a reason. I love making food all in one pot and how quickly it cooks everything. It’s incredibly versatile and totally and completely lives up to the hype. If you don’t have one yet, this is a great time to snag one for a great price!

Best dishcloths ever!

Stock up!!! These Swedish dishcloths are so absorbent and can be used over and over again…hey environmentally friendly products!!!;)

Stasher Silicone Reusable Food/Storage Bags

This is one of my very favorite kitchen products that I discovered a few years ago and they are DISHWASHER SAFE!!! I haven’t needed disposable plastic bags for years because of these! Saving the environment one plastic bag at a time;) These are amazing for packing lunches and also for storing leftovers. You can also put them in the microwave and the freezer so they are very versatile.

Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids

You can never have enough food storage containers. These are great ones with nice lids at an amazing price!

Cadillac of Pregnancy/Sleeping Pillows

This is an absolute MUST if you are currently pregnant. It literally changed my life when I was pregnant and helped me to get so much more sleep! If you’re not pregnant, you can still totally use it and just be ridiculously comfortable while you sleep!

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