22 Beach Essentials for Summer 2021

Picnic Blanket

This picnic blanket is light and sandproof and waterproof. This one is wipeable so you don’t have to worry about messes. It also easily folds up and has a handle for carrying it easily. I’m partial to the color is dark blue and gray, but it has different color options. In my opinion, well worth the money because it makes your beach experience easier with kids and eating snacks and all of that. Get it on Amazon HERE.

SPF Kid’s Adjustable Beach Hat

These SPF adjustable beach hats for kids are cool because kids can wear them for a long time since the elastic drawcord with a toggle allows it to tighten or loosen depending on the age of your child. They also have cute colors as an added bonus. I like the light blue hat, light pink and turquoise colors. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Hooded Sunscreen/SPF Towel for kids or grownups!

Did you know that there were hooded beach towels with SPF protection in them? I just learned about these maybe a year ago and they are awesome. I love the hood feature so my kids can just wear them from the beach to the car since we always have so many beach toys and such to carry. We have these beach towels in the mermaid print and the cute arrows design.They have so many such cute designs! Get it on Amazon HERE.

Mineral Sunscreen-safe for kids

Sunscreen can actually have some harsh chemicals in them that can be harmful for little bodies. I like this Badger brand sunscreen. That I use for my kids and myself. The kid sunscreen is sometimes hard to rub in but it works really well and has good ingredients. The tangerine kind smells exactly like Froot Loops! I think it smells great! The grownup version is much easier to rub in and doesn’t feel greasy like some sunscreens. It’s a great sunscreen option! Get it on Amazon HERE.

SPF boy swimming outfit

Look at how cute this swim outfit for boys is with UPF 50+! Get it on Amazon HERE.

SPF girl swimming outfit

The girl swim outfits I love are by a brand called Rufflebuts. Cute name and they make adorable swimming suits that are also UPF 50+. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Women’s UPF 50+ swimsuit

Women’s UPF 50+ swimsuit is cute and very affordable! It comes in different colors. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Women’s UPF 50+ swim shorts

I’m a big fan of swim shorts! They’re very versatile for wearing when you’re getting stuff done outside too or going to the park with the kids in the summer. These women’s UPF 50+ swim shorts are cute and affordable in different designs and colors. My favorite is the Cattleya design. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Women’s UPF 50+ swimsuit coverup

This women’s swim coverup is cute and breezy. I like it best in white and black. It’s very affordable and UPF 50+. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Women’s UPF hat

It’s hard to find a UPF hat that is also cute. This one accomplishes that! Cute, affordable and protect you from the sun? Check! Get it on Amazon HERE.

UPF 50 Baseball Cap https://amzn.to/3pX2FfCfor men

Here’s a cute UPF 50 baseball cap style hat for the men out there or really anyone in your life! Get it on Amazon HERE.  

Men’s UPF 50 swim shirt 

Get it on Amazon HERE.

Men’s UPF 50+ swim shorts

Get it on Amazon HERE.

Beach Toys: 

Wagon for the beach: 

Folding wagon

It I were to do it all over again, I would definitely get a folding wagon. Then when you’re not using it, it doesn’t take up so much space in the garage. Get in on Amazon HERE.

Cutest wagon

If you want to go for the cutest wagon, go for the classic that we have! This is a good present to request for a first or second birthday before the kid has his own idea about the toys he or she wants;) Get it on Amazon HERE.

Great pack of sand toys

Your standard set of beach toys but with good variety and 24 pieces! Get it on Amazon HERE.

Bubble machine

A good bubble machine is one of the most iconic and fun things to do in the summer. This one has great reviews and is really cute. Great present or a great way to create summer fun for the kid in your life! My kids love their bubble machine and have a very long attention span for playing with it. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Inflatable Pool

Summer=playing in the water! This inflatable pool is a great size and it’s nice that it can be folded and put away for the winter if you live in Minnesota like me;) It has good reviews. My kids love it and it is big enough for them while not taking up too much space in the yard. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Water Gun

We have a lot of fun with these! Again…iconic kid summer toy! Get it on Amazon HERE.

Water Blaster

Another great water boy that I have only seen in the last few years that is really fun. The outside is covered by a noodle so it’s soft and prevents injuries. Very fun. Get it on Amazon HERE.

Water Table

Kids of all ages love water tables. It’s a fantastic way to hold their attention for a long time. They can even conduct science experiments of sorts in water so it’s a great learning toy as well! Both of my kids still like playing in it. Get it on Amazon HERE.


This is another outside toy that is perfect for experimenting and a ton of fun at the same time. It holds the attention of kids for a VERY long time. I also really like the container it comes in and how it has a lid that stays on so bugs don’t get it. It’s also a nice size for two kids to play in. One of our favorite toys! Get it on Amazon HERE.

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